The Lost Art Of Listening: Tips For Generating That Sale For Any Young Startup

Do you ever get the feeling that salespeople talk too much?

Like those timeshare salespeople who promise you a vacation gift in exchange for “90 minutes” of your time, but end up talking your ear off for two and a half hours?

No wonder they only close about one in ten opportunities. But it’s not just timeshare salespeople; salespeople in other industries are also guilty of not listening, and as a result, they’re not much better at closing deals.

But fear not! The lost art of listening can be quickly learned, and it’s a surefire way to generate sales for any young startup. Listening is not just waiting for your turn to talk; it’s the most intimate gift you can give to another person. How often do you feel truly heard by others? It’s as rare as “hen’s teeth” to experience salespeople who actually listen.

In this article by Rory Clark on Young Upstarts, you’ll learn tips for effective listening that will help you close more deals and develop intimate relationships with customers that can last a lifetime. You’ll discover the importance of monitoring the send/receive ratio, using restatement, and sharing the “air-time.”

So stop talking and start listening, and check out the full article for more details!

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Focus requires a commitment to LIVE, to LEAD and to SELL in ways that make a difference to you and everyone you meet, one person at a time.

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